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Badilika Foundation is a registered faith based organization which exists to improve the quality of life of girls, women and children.

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PROJECT 1 Improving access to health and other social services for sex workers – 2011-2014

Our work among the female sex workers in Blantyre City was around advocacy so that they are not harassed by authorities; HIV prevention education - ensuring that they have life skills to negotiate how transactional sex happens to them, linkages to health services and offering a variety of vocational training skills for them to find alternative employment.

HTS provider and female sex worker Sex workers have the same sexual and reproductive rights as anyone else – such as to choose who to have sex with and to have sexual relations free from violence. We facilitated referrals to health facilities for testing, counselling and treatment for HIV and a full range of STIs.

HTS provider and female sex worker

Protecting the human rights of FSWs Joyness (in red) from our partner CHREAA spreads rights awareness among sex workers, at this ‘discussion forum’ in Bangwe township which is convened by Badilika Foundation.

Joyness (in red) from our partner CHREAA